Books by Autosaved

(Okay, actually just by Robbie Mahair. But that's still, like, 50% of Autosaved.)

Orc Road Trip

A fun and funny ride with your favorite butt-kicking orc, Thrug!

Tom Matherson is a citizen of the great United States of America, a cultural mosaic where all are equal, but some, like elves, are more equal than others, and others, like orcs, aren’t equal at all. When Tom planned a road trip with his girlfriend, he didn’t intend to help a lonely dwarf with her quest for Mr. Right, and he certainly didn’t intend to chauffeur an orc, thwart terrorist plots, or make any attempts to save the President. But sometimes in life you have to roll with the punches, especially when the one throwing them is three hundred pounds of green muscle.


Stories Not from the Bible

See the Bible as you’ve never seen it before!

Take a journey into the minds and hearts of characters from the Bible, both great and small, through these ten short stories. How did Leah feel being forced to share a husband who didn't love her with her own sister? What did the criminal on the cross think as he watched Jesus, who had just promised him paradise, give up his spirit and go limp next to him? Why did the angel who rescued Peter from prison strike him on the side rather than gently wake him up?

Stories Not from the Bible explores the answers to these questions and others with fictional accounts that are anchored in the truth of the Bible, including hundreds of references so you can explore the relevant passages for yourself. The answer to each question reveals a little more about the God who loves us beyond what we can comprehend.