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Born Again Geeks

Just a couple of nerdy, Jesus-loving guys.

We’ve been friends since age 12. We’ve written programs. We’ve worked for NASA. We’ve made bad web comics. We’ve written books. We once bashed in a computer with a hatchet. We once had a particular terrifying incident with a chainsaw (no one was hurt).

All of those things are true except for one, but I bet you can't guess which.


Chris Krentz

Robbie Mahair

Programmer & Certified Internet Expert

Programmer & Author

What is a man? A miserable little pile of secrets. Hi, I am Chris Krentz and my secrets are that I am a programmer, video gamer, guitar player, and husband… er. My nerd credentials include having played World of Warcraft since the beta version in 2004, building a cryptocurrency mining rig, having a large collection of Star Wars toys and memorabilia, playing and DM’ing multiple D&D groups, and helping to write Spritecraft (a little).

Hi! My name is Robbie Mahair. I’m a software developer (I tell the computer what to do), author (I sez fancy words and stuffs), father of four (so I’ve spent a tremendous amount of time changing diapers and, in general, dealing with other people’s urine and feces), and a husband of one (so I’ve also spent a lot of time apologizing).

If you are interested in my books, you can find them on Amazon.